These are Blue Dragon's hot lists. They are way out of date, as they haven't been updated for three years. To find out more about me, visit my home page or my résumé.

Internet Search:


Blue's Hot List

Search the net Lycos
Another net search
Another way to find net info
Another net search
Another way to find net info
San Jose Weather Forecast
Weather forecast from the National Weather Service
San Francisco Chronicle
Today's newspaper
Merriam-Webster's online dictionary.
Yahoo San Francisco Transportation page
Substitute for the gone, but not forgotten, Bay Area Info Page
Driving Directions
Search for businesses and get driving directions
Nationwide residential and business directory lookup
Total Info
Driving directions from anywhere to anywhere.
Game Recaps and Box Scores
USA Today's Current Scores Page
MLB Box Scores
From ESPNet
Movie showtimes across the country (this link shows theaters near me).
United States Postal Service
Current postal rates AND ZIP+4 lookup
Security APL Quote Server
Stock Market quotes
National Address Server
Alternate ZIP+4 lookup with bar-code printing!
Searchable archive of Macintosh shareware/freeware
Code Warrior
Code Warrior (Mac Programming Environment) Home page
Apple Developer CD
Macintosh programmer stuff
NFL Football Scores
USA Today's football coverage.
Fantasy Football Insider
Hot fantasy football news and reports.
Boggle® online
Piodoom: The best Boggle players play here.
Scrabble® online
Marldoom: The best Scrabble players play here.

Blue's Creations and Hobbies

Blue Dragon's Collectibles
Checklists, buying, selling, and trading of collectibles
plavo's Croatian Dictionary
The cheesy Croatian Dictionary and Phrasebook that I compiled from all my time on IRC.
A useful alternative to the various and inconsistent date formats used by most people on the planet.
San José Scrabble® Club No. 21
Players of all skill levels meet Wednesday nights in San Jose.
San José Cañusis
A fantasy baseball club, which plays in the Internet Baseball League.

Other Places of Interest

Buying and Selling Macintosh computers
Includes used/new Mac price guides
Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides
Used car prices and buying tips [hmm, didn't work last time I tried it]
Internet Service Providers
Click on your area code to find a local service provider
Cashing a fake check
True story about cashing one of those junk mail checks
Standard format for image compression
Pacific Bell
The phone company's home page includes lots of ISDN info
Information server for U.S. Congress
Croatian Home Page
Kako si?
Languages Page
Various languages of this world and others (¿Hablas español?)
HTML Language
Tutorials, specifications, etc.
Cyrano's Valentine's Day Letter Generator
This is hilarious. Mad Libs style love letter composition.
Get your tax forms online. As I predicted last year, you may now even be able to file online!
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